Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Maya Angelou

I went Monday to WT to listen to Maya Angelou. She was great!! She talked about reading and educating yourself constantly AND about being a rainbow in someone else's cloud. It was awesome to hear an author of her caliber.

This was from a speech similar to what we heard.

Angelou continued by stating the importance of making poetry an integral part of
everyone’s lives, which she claims has always been a motivating factor for her.
“During those years that I didn’t speak, I memorized Shakespeare, Langston
Hughes, Longfellow, Countee Cullen and Paul Lawrence Dunbar. We look to poetry
for encouragement.”

She said that poetry offers support for those who are
going through hard times, because one can read it and know that someone else has
already experienced something just as difficult, and, more importantly, made it

She concluded by urging everyone to make the most out of life,
since “it’s given to us to live but once.
The noblest cause in the world is the
liberation of the human mind. Know that you all have the privilege of becoming a
rainbow in the clouds.”

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anaj said...

very cool. that is neat that WT was able to get her to speak. did you take a class with you? thanks for sharing!